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13 Feb 2023

Check out our upcoming fundraisers and see if you can take part and make a difference!

two sisters embracing
31 Jan 2024

This year the theme for Children’s Mental Health week is ‘My Voice Matters’ and that is what Emotional Logic is all about!

online support image
25 Jan 2024

We have loved sharing the Emotional Logic method with people and equipping them for creative emotional conversations! Here are a few statistics on what they fed back to us!

Free webinar xmas
30 Nov 2023

We know that the festive season can be challenging. This free 1hour webinar (recorded live) with give you an overview of the Emotional Logic method and some practical tips and tools to take away with you!

23 Oct 2023

Resilience is not just a trait,
It’s a mindset that we cultivate…

Exam results (1)
15 Aug 2023

Have you got your exam results and are feeling disappointed? You are not alone! 
Have you got the results you wanted but for some reason don’t feel happy? You are not alone! When we plan for things and work hard at them we become invested. We pour our energy and time into revision and our minds can’t help but start to plan ahead and make ‘what if’ decisions. This can keep you going in those tricky moments, but what does it mean when it all comes to a head on results day?

mexico collab
5 Jun 2023

This core team of three believed EL could be helpfully established in local church pastoral work and community development to stabilise family life, where alcoholism and social abuse are problems in an area where Cartel activity leads to extortion and occasional gunfights between rival gangs. Also, the EL method could help to improve coordination between the several missionaries in the area who come from different nationalities and cultures. Read More…

7 ways to cope with exam stress
26 May 2023

Are you doing exams and struggling? Are your tweens and teens struggling with exam stress? Exam time can be overwhelming. Suddenly all those years of lessons, videos, books and research assignments have come to one big end point and it can feel like too much pressure.
Let us help you to cope with the stress…

Logically Emotional (3)
15 Mar 2023

Frances Griffiths has beautifully penned a poem about her experience of Emotional Logic and how the process can take shape. You will not regret reading this!

Matrix QM CMYK
16 Feb 2023

We are delighted to say that we have been assessed and accredited by the matrix Standard. The matrix Standard is […]