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5 Jun 2023

The core team of three believed EL could be helpfully established in local church pastoral work and community development to stabilise family life, where alcoholism and social abuse are problems in an area where Cartel activity leads to extortion and occasional gunfights between rival gangs. Also, the EL method could help to improve coordination between the several missionaries in the area who come from different nationalities and cultures. Read More…

7 ways to cope with exam stress
26 May 2023

Are you doing exams and struggling? Are your tweens and teens struggling with exam stress? Exam time can be overwhelming. Suddenly all those years of lessons, videos, books and research assignments have come to one big end point and it can feel like too much pressure.
Have a look at some of our tips to cope with this tricky time.

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31 Jan 2023

By Daniel Zahra, Marian Langsford & Trevor Griffiths and published in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practise. General […]

Emotional Logic
10 Aug 2022

We are proud of how the Emotional Logic method can support the whole school community. Have a look at the […]

20 May 2022

We are delighted to feedback the outcomes from the independent client and staff consultations we initiated at the start of […]

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29 Sep 2021

This project was set up in collaboration with Babcock LDP and Devon County Council. The project was funded by the Devon Education Fund (DEF) and it aimed to equip teachers to become ‘Emotional Logic Facilitators’ (ELF’s) for their whole school communities including children, their extended families and school staff.

10 Sep 2021

The Emotional Logic centre is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and accepts our responsibility to […]

Emotional Logic
6 Mar 2021

Where on Earth is Emotional Logic in 2019? A report 16 years after the foundation of this training charity Our […]

Emotional Logic
14 Jul 2020

By Abigail Turton, Marian Langsford, David DiLorenzo, Daniel Zahra, Julie Henshelwood and Trevor Griffiths in the European Journal of Integrative […]