What is Emotional Logic?

Emotional Logic is more than a coping strategy

Emotional Logic is a personal development tool used by people of all ages to improve emotional intelligence in difficult situations. It makes sense of unpleasant emotions. People can then harness that emotional energy to face life’s challenges, build emotional resilience and embrace change.

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How Emotional Logic can help

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Know that emotions have useful purposes

Unpleasant emotions are not part of the problem. They are part of the solution when you understand how they fit together into a single, constructive adjustment process. Emotional Logic maps how to harness emotions into an action plan for positive change.

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Learn to use your emotions logically

It’s true that you only know what you’ve got when it’s gone. Loss emotions are all unpleasant but, when understood, they put vital information about your values into your action plans to get back what’s gone! That’s the Logic. Don’t just get rid of emotions, or try to regulate them. Understand them.

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Adjust to setbacks and embrace change

Activating your in-built Emotional Logic empowers you to engage with new and unpredictable situations more confidently. Knowing you have something helpful to say and do means you don’t need to hide or wait for others to solve things. Change comes from within you, and benefits everyone.

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Empower yourself and build resilience

Emotional intelligence builds self-respect, empathy and the capacity to make better decisions. This goes beyond resilience, to knowing how to adapt and bounce forward to develop your relationships and interests after disappointments, hurts and setbacks. This tried-and-tested strategy is a safe and strong foundation to rebuild on after disappointments, hurts and setbacks.


See how Emotional Logic can help you

Learn Emotional Logic to untangle your problems, then share it with others, so they can improve theirs. Emotional intelligence promotes health, reduces stress and releases energy.

Emotional Logic for executives and workforces improves teams’ emotional resilience, wellness at work, adaptable performance and conflict resolution, leading to innovation.

Emotional Logic helps staff, pupils and parents to reduce stress and mental illness. Behaviour, cooperation, study and attendance improve.


“I think Emotional Logic is one of the missing pieces of the trauma jigsaw. The team have really thought of everything, including tools and strategies that we can use to support the trauma recovery process, and reduce or prevent the repetition of negative choices and behaviours.”

Amy Whiteley, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist – Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) and Multiple Childhood Traumas

“I have been a GP for 25 years and am amazed by Emotional Logic. I have seen it completely transform lives – lifting people out of depression and other distress states in just one or two sessions.”

Dr Julie Henshelwood, GP in Dorset.

“Throughout my EL training and continuing work to understand and use this approach, I keep discovering more depth to this method, and more details that I want to know about and share with the people in my life, both personally and professionally.”

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

“Emotional Logic is a game changer in the world of business coaching.  The emotional state of managers and staff is so often the fundamental barrier for progress, however the Emotional Logic approach provides accessible and engaging tools that can unlock the situation in a conversational and optimistic way.”

Chris Lorimer, Director, Devon Business Education Centre

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