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Emotional Logic Overview

Emotional Logic is more than a coping strategy. Emotional Logic is a personal development tool used by people of all ages to improve emotional intelligence in difficult situations. It makes sense of unpleasant emotions. People can then harness that emotional energy to face life’s challenges, build emotional resilience and embrace change.

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How Emotional Logic can help you

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We provide a very quick response

Everyone struggles with life’s ups and downs and sometimes we need help. We pride ourselves on providing a quick service. Phone us to briefly explain your situation, and within a week we can usually arrange a date for a personal learning appointment by teleconference if you cannot meet one of our national coaches in person.

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Personal Learning Appointments

When we need support, it’s not always possible to meet face to face. We offer personal learning appointments online and over the phone as well as face-to-face sessions. We can work with couples, individuals, friends and family groups. Once you have begun to learn, you can teach others. It becomes an everyday language wherever you are and whomever you are with.

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A self-help tool for you and others

You will discover how to make sense of your unpleasant emotions as part of a healthy adjustment process, even including anxiety, anger, guilt or depression. It’ll help you to get your energy back for life. Emotional Logic is not counselling or therapy. It is a conversational skill that you learn, so you can plan your way through life.

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Stop gap whilst waiting for NHS appointment

Activating your Emotional Logic is a safe life skill for change that does not conflict with any therapies. You can learn it while on a waiting list for therapy. We can help you now, so you’re empowered straighaway to take action/make change. Many people find that after just one or two sessions they begin to feel better and have more energy to influence their future. Contact us today.


“I have been a GP for 25 years and am amazed by Emotional Logic. I have seen it completely transform lives – lifting people out of depression and other distress states in just one or two sessions.”

Dr Julie Henshelwood, GP in Dorset.

“I liked seeing Mrs Davis each week. It has helped me to talk about my feelings when I get angry or upset and didn’t want to come in to school. We came up with good plans and I can use them at home as well.”

Lucy, a primary school pupil

“We read about Reggie and it was really good. It tort me a lot. It was really good. It tort me how to use my anger and turn it into a good things and how I can turn a bad thing into a good thing.”

A 10 year old boy after reading ‘Reggie the Rhino’ with his Mum and sister.

“I just want to give others the HOPE that we have been given through the tremendous gift of the free J2H course. I have learnt to love who I am and to love my shortcomings as well as my pain.”

A mother from from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

How much is this going to cost?

Personal Learning Appointments for individuals, couples or small family groups cost £40 per hour plus expenses. Usually between one and four sessions is sufficient. Training days vary in price depending on their length and the subject matter covered. Self-teach materials can be bought, including a series of children’s books.

Further details can be found in our Resources and Qualifying Courses section.

If you are interested in how Emotional Logic can help you, a family member or a friend, then please get in touch so we can talk you through the next steps. You can also buy resources online.

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