Celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week

31 Jan 2024

This year the theme for Children’s Mental Health week is ‘My Voice Matters’ and that is what Emotional Logic is all about!

We aim to provide simple tools to help children to not only recognise their emotional world but be able to share and communicate their important voice to those around them!

Some of the tools and materials we use to do this are:

  • Picture Stepping Stone cards – These simple cards are super powerful and provide a way for a child to communicate their emotional process and where they may be stuck!
  • Shelly and Friends 7 book series – fun and engaging books which outline each stepping stone with a story based in the savannah. Each book comes with activities to embed learning and allow their voice to be heard.
  • Emotional Survival Kit – for slightly older children this workbook is a powerhouse for verbalising and sharing their challenges and providing support to make helpful changes!
  • Shelly and Friends Activity Book – some extra playful activities to support emotional awareness and confidence in sharing their voice. For this week we are offering this as a FREE download here!

If you would like support in engaging with your child around emotional discussions or would like advice on how to promote healthy communication then please don’t hesitate to contact us!