Exam Result Overwhelm

15 Aug 2023

Have you got your exam results and are feeling disappointed? You are not alone! 

Have you got the results you wanted but for some reason don’t feel happy? You are not alone!

When we plan for things and work hard at them we become invested. We pour our energy and time into revision and our minds can’t help but start to plan ahead and make ‘what if’ decisions. This can keep you going in those tricky moments, but what does it mean when it all comes to a head on results day? Your values become intertwined with these exams and the results. It means that you are potentially going to be hit with lots of losses. Each loss will cause an emotional response as your body begins to process them, sometimes this is healthy and helpful, but sometimes too much at once can cause overwhelm. 

Steps you can take to help:

  1. Notice your reaction – it’s your Shock telling you that you are experiencing loss or a threat to your values. It might be sweaty hands, pounding heart, slightly dizzy, slightly sick – noticing them will enable your body to start to regulate them. 
  1. Find a safe place – this can be a person, place or state of mind. Who can you turn to? A parent may not be your first call at this time and that’s ok – who do you feel you can be with and who will help you calm? Maybe a teacher or friend. It’s ok to take a moment to go to a safe place before sharing your news. 
  1. Have a think – once you feel safe, try to start to make sense of your emotions.
    1. Unhappy with results? – Your values have been threatened, this will make you feel overwhelmed. You may be feeling Angry, Depressed or even Guilty but remember these have useful purposes too and they can help you to move forward from this setback. 
    2. Pleased with results? – After the initial joy you may suddenly feel overwhelmed and a mixture of emotions. It can be confusing to suddenly feel low and others may not understand. Consider that this now makes all those daydreams a reality, and you may be anticipating the losses that come from these. Those emotions are just as real and valid so acknowledge them and then they can help, not hinder, you!  
  1. Make a plan – If you are frightened to share your results then team up; find a buddy to go with you, or you can write down the results and your feelings to share first. Start to look into other options and get advice from your school – they are there to help you. Choose small achievable goals, one step at a time. 
  1. Finally – presents for yourself – Do something that makes you feel good! You have worked hard to get where you are, even if the results don’t reflect it. Now is the time to keep your energy moving and do something fun! 

If you are feeling stuck and would like to talk to someone, or get extra support please contact us at hello@emotionallogiccentre.org.uk