Feedback – the NHS free ‘Stress Reduction Programme’

18 Mar 2024

The pressure on NHS staff is immense. They are overworked and under paid and this isn’t just the front line staff such as doctors and nurses. Behind the scenes are stressed administrators, finance personnel, cleaners, porter etc. The NHS Somerset Wellbeing team provide mental health support to all NHS staff in their locality and 18 months ago we started to collaborate with them to provide FREE quick, accessible and empowering support.

The programme consisted of online materials, video based guides and access to discussion groups. At the time of writing over 150 people have accessed the support.

Take a moment to look at the feedback and comments so far:

This programme is not limited to NHS staff! We can tailor any package for your workforce and make it accessible to your staff – help to reduce their stress and illness, improve their communication with others and improve staff retention! Contact us today for more information!