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Emotional Logic Overview

Emotional Logic is more than a coping strategy. Emotional Logic is a personal development tool used by people of all ages to improve emotional intelligence in difficult situations. It makes sense of unpleasant emotions. People can then harness that emotional energy to face life’s challenges, build emotional resilience and embrace change.

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How Emotional Logic can help schools

trauma responsive

Improve pupil behaviour by training your staff to be trauma responsive

Pupils and staff can learn how to make sense of their emotions; recognise the impact of trauma on behaviour and deal with this in practical terms. Using Emotional Logic throughout the school has helped numerous schools to improve communication, reduce incidents of aggressive behaviour and build emotional resilience.

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Improve your pupils’ ability to learn and make accelerated progress

We all know effective learning is underpinned by feeling safe and understood. Learning Emotional Logic will help your pupils make sense of their emotions. It will help them to feel safe, heard and valued. They will learn effective, non-aggressive ways to negotiate. Relationships at all levels will improve and pupils will be ready to learn at a more rapid pace.


Reduce stress and improve staff retention and attendance

School governing bodies have a statutory duty of wellbeing for their staff. Emotional Logic training provides a tool to help staff improve communication, feel heard and design a way forward based on their personal values. It reduces stress for staff, pupils and carers by providing a shared language and understanding of our emotions when we adjust to challenge and change.

staff training

Providing training for your staff that fits within school budgets

As a charity led by education and medical professionals, we provide a bespoke model that offers a range of training options from 90-minute introduction sessions and two-day training to full coaching qualifications over a period of several months. We can also provide support for staff, pupils or families who are struggling. Please contact us for more details.


“The training, support and instructors at the Emotional Logic Centre are phenomenal.  The knowledge and skills I have gained from them have enabled me to help both children and adults make massive improvements along their emotional journeys, to understand what they are experiencing, and to find their own light and the end of the tunnel.”

Nathan White, Class teacher & Wellbeing Lead, Mayflower Community Academy

“The support we have had from the Emotional Logic Centre through our journey has been outstanding. Our relationship with them and our commitment to Emotional Logic continues to go from strength to strength.”

Rebecca Edwards, Deputy Headteacher Devonport High School for Boys

“I started training for Emotional Logic in 2019. I am now fully trained and use this in my school. I feel this has helped me, the children and adults approach problems in a new way, breaking down the problem into smaller, achievable steps.”

Cath, member of staff at Ernesettle Community School

“Emotional logic is an amazingly simple tool which is transformational for both children and adults to empower them to take steps towards improving any emotionally challenging situation for themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend that every child, parent and teacher should learn the ‘tools’ of the program to apply whenever needed at home and in school.”

Vanessa, SENCo

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How much is this going to cost?

We are a charity led by education and medical professionals so we understand how tight your budgets are. We can provide a range of training and materials at a price you can afford, which can be delivered face to face or online. We can also provide support for staff, pupils or families who are struggling. Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in how Emotional Logic can help you, a family member or a friend, then please get in touch so we can talk you through the next steps. You can also buy resources online.

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