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child not listening
14 Apr 2020

One of the common issues that I face when visiting students both in primary and secondary schools is the fact […]

doctors stethoscope
4 Apr 2020

As a GP with Emotional Logic in my ‘toolbox’, I have often been able to impart one tiny bit of emotional support into a situation and see it resolve almost miraculously.

Effective bargaining
1 Apr 2020

Within every setback or loss are a series of hidden losses. For example, when I arrived at the venue on […]

Technology on desk
28 Mar 2020

I am a techno-phobe. I panic at the thought of having to do something new involving IT. So this lock-down […]

Child on step
20 Mar 2020

‘Don’t be angry. It’s not OK to be angry.’ Has anyone told you that before? If so, then I have some good news for you. They are wrong. It is ok to be angry. Allow me to explain more.

Teach image large
9 Mar 2020

A large secondary school reduced anti-social behaviour incidents by 41% over three years by using Emotional Logic. A 41% decrease in […]

Children in field
21 Feb 2020

During my time as a teacher and headteacher I have seen a number of families struggle with the challenges associated […]

12 Feb 2020

Some new ‘buzz phrases’ are about these days- ‘Trauma informed’ and ‘Adverse Childhood Events’ are being regularly mentioned in schools, […]

contact image
10 Feb 2020

During one of our business trips to South Africa, I was talking with the head of an IT department about […]