Upcoming Fundraisers!

13 Feb 2023

The Emotional Logic Centre is a charity and we rely on your support to continue providing mental health provisions, materials and advice to those in need. However this can be fun too! Check out our upcoming fundraisers and see if you can take part and make a difference!

Tesco Community Funds –

In April 2023 we are delighted to have been chosen for the Tesco ‘blue tokens’. The appeal is for support for Ukrainian refugees and their host families. If you are SW based then please consider supporting us and them! Even the smallest amount of £500 will go so far!

Running a Marathon!

Before lockdown Tom never ran… but to improve his mental and physical health he decided to do the couch to 5k, and now 2.5 years later, he is busy training to run the London Marathon for Emotional Logic! Please consider supporting him and us by making a donation to his fundraiser