18 Mar 2024

The pressure on NHS staff is immense. The NHS Somerset Wellbeing team provide mental health support to all NHS staff in their locality and 18 months ago we started to collaborate with them to provide FREE quick, accessible and empowering support. Discover what they think of it so far!

26 Aug 2021

It’s an uncertain future, and one full of change and challenges. How do we move forward together to make the most of opportunities, while not being weighed down by self-doubt, secretly self-questioning, or wondering cautiously whether others are being sensible or putting us at risk?

released from ropes
15 Jul 2021

“Thank you that you never gave up on me Time and Time and Time again you walked this journey with me till we discover the STEPPING STONES and now I can make a SMART PLAN. I can outplan those little men with their pegs and ropes!”

office image
1 Jul 2021

The Road to Acceptance The world of business is usually perilous.  Potholes, diversions, and unexpected detours are quite often the order […]

EL - harnessing emotions book cover
14 Jun 2021

To conclude, this book should be a staple in every office, every classroom, every prison. The potential for Emotional Logic to make a real and lasting difference to, well, almost everyone, is enormous.

19 Feb 2021

I’m worried about what will happen when my children go back to school. Some children I know have been doing […]

Stressed parent
19 Jan 2021

I spotted a story this morning on the BBC news website that reported on the findings of recent research from […]

Girl using EL cards
16 Jan 2021

My 9-year-old son is not enjoying our home-schooling experience during the lockdown. He is irritable, difficult to engage and is […]

flower in the rocks
16 Jan 2021

COVID19 is a huge challenge for everyone. Unwelcome change has arrived in a big way. Not only are our lives […]