Four steps to emotional survival during the COVID-19 crisis

16 Jan 2021

COVID19 is a huge challenge for everyone. Unwelcome change has arrived in a big way. Not only are our lives and the lives of our loved ones in possible danger but our daily routine has been completely messed up. For many of us, our income or business has been lost. In addition to all of this, we don’t know when, or if, things will get back to normal. Most of us are seriously doubting our resources to cope. In Emotional Logic terms, this is called a Shock reaction.

Shock reactions can come in all sorts of different forms; aggression, withdrawal, anxiety, irritability, feeling a bit ‘out of it all’, insomnia, feeling very tired and endless further examples.

What can we do about it?

  • Firstly, recognise that what you are feeling is a normal response to an enormous, unwelcome change. You are trying your best to adjust to this change and it’s not easy. Something that you value is under threat, but what is it? For me, it’s the rules of everyday life and how society is supposed to work which make me feel safe and able to cope, the ability to live my normal life; to go where I please when I please, the ability to plan for the future, loss of income and security, possible loss of loved ones, loss of peace of mind as I worry about all the what ifs….
  • Secondly, try to find a safe place in order to feel safe and begin to plan. Safe places can be physical places, people or a state of mind. Who are your safe people? What can you do to feel safe? Who can you turn to? We can help you with this if you are struggling.
  • Thirdly, talk things through and be honest with your safe person. We will all have good days and not so good days. Everyone is struggling with this. Being truly heard and understood by a trusted friend is an enormous help in itself. What can you do today that will help you or those you care about? Maybe you can plan to do something small and manageable, perhaps simply phone someone to see if they are OK, ask for practical support for yourself or offer to team up with a friend or neighbour to arrange a shopping expedition!
  • Finally, consider making the most of the support we are offering. You can sign up to our free Emotional Logic introduction sessions or get discounts on our seven children’s books to help children discover the useful purposes of their unpleasant emotions. 

Remember, no matter how difficult things appear, there is always hope. If you need help, don’t struggle on your own. Contact us today and we can help you take your next step forward.