Parents stress levels rise in lockdown – Learn how to build inner strength during challenging times

19 Jan 2021

I spotted a story this morning on the BBC news website that reported on the findings of recent research from the University of Oxford.  Apparently, levels of stress, depression and anxiety among parents and carers have increased with the pressures of the lockdowns. This will come as no surprise to those of us with children!

The article went on to say that the research, based on responses from over six thousand parents and carers up to the end of December 2020, found problems including: 

  • difficulty relaxing
  • being easily upset or agitated
  • feeling hopeless 
  • lacking interest and pleasure 
  • feeling fearful and worried 
  • being more irritable, over-reactive and impatient

Unsurprisingly, the study highlighted the families with the highest levels of stress were families with single parents, low incomes or children with special educational needs.

I can relate to all of the bullet points above. I may be seen as a person to turn to for support and advice but it doesn’t make me invulnerable to life’s ups and down. During lockdown I’ve struggled at times too. Despite this, I have managed to use my knowledge and experience to help myself as well as others. Things that would have taken me a week or more to deal with in times gone by are now sorted out in a day or two. I’m able to quickly recognise the underlying reasons behind my emotions and behaviour and deal with this much more effectively than I have done in the past. Life is better because of this and not just for me. The people I live with can testify to that!

Life is tough at the moment for many people and it is difficult to plan for the future with any certainty. In the midst of these challenging times, Emotional Logic has helped many people develop inner strength. Many school communities have also found a way to support their parents, pupils and staff using Emotional Logic. Schools are ideally situated at the heart of the community. With our help, they can reach and support hundreds of people who may be struggling with the current situation.

Our team can offer life changing, online training for families, parents, staff and pupils. We can work 1:1 with individuals or with family groups. We can train staff and groups of parents. We are currently doing this in numerous schools across the country and receiving wonderful feedback, including comments like these:

“It was like something broke tonight and we could really see, perhaps for the first time in a long while, a little bit of light. We have been so worried about her but the 2 sessions with you so far have given her a voice – it feels really significant. We thank you.” A parent

“Both the school staff and the pupil’s mother have commented on the positive impact this training has had on him. There have been no further exclusions since he started these sessions.” Primary School SENCO

“His Emotional Logic sessions are the reason I get excited about Fridays, he helps, helps a lot!” Secondary pupil who was self-harming and at risk of exclusion 

“Thank you so much for your support. The staff have been so enthusiastic and I have heard of some lovely examples of the cards being used in real life situations over the last week. Your delivery and style really captured the staff and children.  It is such a powerful tool kit to share with children and at this point in their lives, it seems the perfect moment.” Deputy Head Teacher

Affordable and available for you today – as a charity we do everything we can to subsidise our training and products and make them as affordable as possible for families and schools on tight budgets. If you’re finding life a challenge at the moment and need support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Written by Christiaan Stirling

The Emotional Logic Centre is a Devon based charity, founded by doctors in the 1990s and currently run by medical and educational professionals. The charity has pioneered the work of Emotional Logic across the globe to help individuals and families develop inner strength during times of change. 

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