Feedback: How Emotional Logic freed me.

15 Jul 2021

Feedback from a client in South Africa after having some Personal Learning Appointments, and completing the Introduction course in Emotional Logic.

“For some many years I felt like Gulliver of Gulliver’s Travels…. let me explain.  As a child we used to read comic books. I had this Comic and on the cover there was a picture of Gulliver (a huge big giant).  He was pinned to the ground with ropes all over his body and secured to the ground with huge “tentpegs”. He was held captive by tiny little men. I used to think: “How is it possible for this giant with big muscles to be held down by this ropes and little men?. Surely he can just lift his arms or upper body and those pegs would go flying!”

Well I tried to get myself freed from those ropes and pegs and little men but couldn’t…… Believe me I TRIED.  I tried all types of counselling and therapy.  And then….. at last I learned about Emotional Logic via a friend who became a Coach! I am free and believe me, when I see those little men with their pegs and ropes approaching I FIND A SAFE PLACE  and grab those stepping stones…… no more eternal denial or repeatedly shocking myself…. NO ….. I AM FREE!!!!! 

Thank you that you never gave up on me Time and Time and Time again you walked this journey with me till we discover the STEPPING STONES and now I can make a SMART PLAN. I can outplan those little men with their pegs and ropes!”

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