Devon Education Fund Project – Final Report

29 Sep 2021

Project Overview

This project was set up in collaboration with Babcock LDP and Devon County Council. The project was funded by the Devon Education Fund (DEF) and it aimed to equip teachers to become ‘Emotional Logic Facilitators’ (ELF’s) for their whole school communities including children, their extended families and school staff.

The project involved 6 schools and ran between December 2020 and December 2021.

Despite unprecedented COVID19 challenges, changes in school staffing and the personal
circumstances of some of those enrolled on the training, the project has been very successful.

  • Over four and a half thousand pupils and parents have been supported
  • Over two hundred members of staff have received introductory training via their school lead and the EL team
  • Many members of staff report their emotional wellbeing has improved since learning EL
  • Schools report an overwhelmingly positive impact on pupils’ wellbeing shown through the data, pupil, staff and parent comments.
  • EL is now used regularly in all of the schools who have engaged.
  • The use of EL is now sustainable in all these schools once key members of staff have completed their final tasks to gain the qualification


Here are a sample of the comments; for full feedback you can download the full report.


“I didn’t realise how much stress I had built up that meant I struggled
moving forward in life. Using Emotional Logic, had made me
understand that it is OK to not feel OK at times and that we need to find
what the useful purpose of each emotion is.” Year 9 Student.

“Having the sessions and learning about it really
improved my confidence with talking to my family about things”.


“Since taking part in my own EL training, I have been able to regulate
myself quicker when I experience turbulence with my emotions. This
has led to greater stability and calmness in my own life.”

“I have managed to reduce the stress levels in my personal
life by applying the principles of EL to myself and my family, in particular
working with a member of my family who found it hugely beneficial to
use the cards to explain how she was feeling when it was ‘swirling
around inside”


“It was really good to see how she was able to open up about what she
was worried about and being able to think of one thing she could
change made her feel like she was in control of how she felt about the
situation.” Year 6 Parent

“My daughter wasn’t able to sleep, but using the
cards she was able to think about and write down what was causing all
of these mixed emotions, which allowed her to rationalise and make
sense of them, thank you – Emotional Logic has really made a