An audit of emotional logic for mental health self-care improving social connection

14 Jul 2020

By Abigail Turton, Marian Langsford, David DiLorenzo, Daniel Zahra, Julie Henshelwood and Trevor Griffiths in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine


Emotional Logic is a practical contribution to self-care for mental health and adaptability, teaching how unpleasant loss emotions have useful purposes that enable healthy adjustments to changing circumstances. Measurable personal capacity outcomes result from SMART action plans that recover named personal values. New understanding about emotions cascades informally through families and communities at low cost. This proof of concept paper presents audits that define the theory of change for a prospective study of Emotional Logic for self-care in compassionate networked communities.


Teaching people the useful purposes of their unpleasant loss emotions improves the quality of their social connections and their mental health. Developing this personal understanding empowers self-care in new challenging situations that might otherwise have led to professional or other dependencies. Outcomes measurement of truly values-based action plans enables a prospective study to be conducted in networked communities, achievable through social prescribing.