How one school significantly reduced anti-social behaviour using Emotional Logic in just six steps

9 Mar 2020

A large secondary school reduced anti-social behaviour incidents by 41% over three years by using Emotional Logic. A 41% decrease in internally recorded behaviour incidents is something to be proud of. How did the Emotional Logic team help the school achieve this?

Emotional Logic teaches pupils, staff and parents to learn how to make sense of their emotions, how to recognise the impact of trauma on behaviour and how to deal with this in practical terms. Experience has clearly shown that using Emotional Logic throughout the school will help improve communication and this often results in a reduction in incidents of aggressive behaviour. Here are six steps that this large secondary school took to achieve this.

  1. The school chose two key school leaders to be trained as Emotional Logic Coaches. These two members of staff led the development in the curriculum, the staff and parent training. They also worked with targeted individuals and groups of children.
  2. All staff received basic training during an INSET day and year 7 staff were given additional training. All staff can now use the technique in a basic way and all are fully aware of the language and theory that underpins the teaching.
  3. All pupils in year 7 were taught the Emotional Logic technique as part of their PSHE curriculum over two terms. Over time, all pupils were expected to be able to use Emotional Logic to help communicate and solve problems as they arose.
  4. Parents of year 7 pupils were offered training each year and this was enthusiastically taken up. The school ran this training using their trained coaches and members of the Emotional Logic team.
  5. Over time, the school used the principles that underpin Emotional Logic to develop and enhance their key policies. This embedded the language, communication and behaviour expectations across all subjects.
  6. Each year, staff training is updated by the two qualified coaches at no additional cost to the school. They now have a self-sustaining model for continued future development.

Over the last three years this school has embedded Emotional Logic into its curriculum and the language of losses, assertive bargaining and effective smart plans are used in everyday conversations.

If you would like to find out more about how the Emotional Logic team can help your school improve communication, behaviour and staff wellbeing, please contact us for more details.