Poem: Logically Emotional

15 Mar 2023

Frances Griffiths has beautifully penned a poem about her experience of Emotional Logic and how the process can take shape. A few tiny snippets before you download the poem

“….See emotions have their uses

If I’d known it was so simple

I’d have done it long ago

I got caught up in the whirlpools

And just couldn’t let it flow

I’d like to share this process…”

“….Logic always is the answer

Logic always wins the day

But the chaos of emotions, well,

Seem to just get in the way…”

“….So moving on now in my world

As I pull back all the covers

I find that knowing how I feel

Guides me to help the others

My conversations now you see

Are more fun and so creative…”

Reading this poetic story will inspire you…