Eating Disorders and Emotional Logic

4 Mar 2021

To the way that counselling and therapy services are organised in the UK and many countries these days, people who struggle with an eating disorder are thought to have a mental illness. They are offered a course of therapy. But at the Emotional Logic Centre we see things very differently. 

Here we teach people a new way to understand how their unpleasant loss-related emotions fit together into a single, integrated, healthy adjustment process to life’s disappointments and setbacks. We have found that eating disorders are a pattern of grieving for multiple, accumulating small, hidden losses over a long period of time. An inner tension builds up from all this unresolved grief, which spills over into the tension-breaking behaviour that is labelled an eating disorder.

Emotional Logic’s lifelong-learning method was developed by a doctor in the 1990’s who wanted to prevent common mental illnesses and socially disruptive behaviour, rather than intervene once it is there. But he discovered that, when people understood that they had a healthy emotional adjustment process inbuilt to their genetics, they quickly learned to activate it. Eating disorders could evaporate after just a couple of learning appointments, and the self-harming behaviour that sometimes goes with them! Their energy was liberated to explore healthier ways to grieve more openly.

The doctor found that this was because people had using only two of the seven main emotions that could be accessed to make a healthy adjustment process – anger energies, and guilty self-questioning. Going round and round between these trapped their adjustment energy, rather than releasing it towards their personal growth points, Bargaining and Acceptance, where they explored how to recover one of their hidden losses.

The good news is that everyone is able to activate their own Emotional Logic, and have the influence to change their unhelpful thought patterns.

Adjusting to change is often very difficult for adults and children. Here at the Emotional Logic Centre we train people in the healthy adjustment process. We teach a technique that you can learn and pass onto others. You can use Emotional Logic to help yourself and your family increase their emotional intelligence and increase their resilience and adaptability. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact us.

Written by Trevor Griffiths, Founder of the Emotional Logic Centre